Butterscotch, Oreo and banana chilled cheesecake

I recently got a huge craving for Oreo cookies. Those typical American treats, of the ‘milk and..’ kind. Oreos are deliciously satsifying, with a crumbly, chocolate biscuit and a sweet frosted filling. What I love about them is that suspicious tang that they have, almost salty or something. I’m sure that’s additives or preservatives or something, but the less I know to interrupt the enjoyment, the better!

What I craved was not a single oreo, but something more, an Oreo dessert. I thought about it for a while, yet couldn’t quite find enough inspiration to really think outside the box. So I developed an idea to use Oreo as a base for something, and what could be a simpler? A cheesecake.

So without further hesitation I began to let my tastebuds run amok and fantasise about what flavour combinations may bode well with my decadent base. I wanted something sweet and fruity, but seeing as the base was so rich and the topping would be so creamy, I didn’t want something to mask that signature oreo taste and I also didn’t want something juicy that may spoil, or even ruin, the delicate creamy head. I eventually came up with two simple flavours which work beautifully – butterscotch and banana.

Now, you may think you’ve heard something like this before. But let me indulge you and hopefully enlighten you into my way of thinking. I was conscious that I didn’t want chunks of banana, nor did I want chunks of hardened, sickly sweet butterscotch. I wanted something decadent, light yet you know it’s a plate full of badness. What I decided to do was make the butterscotch sauce quite thin in consistency, so it hugged the creamy filling nicely and I wanted the banana pulsed to within an inch of its life. What you get when you do that well is an almost porridge-consistency, sticky and clinging together. Perfect for the topping! Here’s how I made it:

What you will need


  • 2 packets of Oreo cookies (for a thicker base, you may want three)
  • 75g butter (melted)


  • 250g tub of mascarpone
  • 250ml single cream (or for a thicker topping, see below)
  • 1 large organic banana or 2 medium (depending on your personal preference for the banana flavour)
  • 1 measure of Baileys (or if you’re feeling down on yourself, a healthy glug)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Butterscotch sauce

  • 55g butter
  • 55g soft light brown sugar
  • 55ml double cream
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/3 lemon (juice)

How you do it

  1. Crush Oreo cookies in a food processor. They need to be thin rubble in cosistency, almost turning to a powder. You can bash them in a tea towel, but just make sure the consistency is met.
  2. Melt the butter for around 30 seconds in the microwave. I like to melt it until it’s about 2/3 liquid and then remove from the micro, allowing the residual heat to melt the rest, while cooling the butter slightly.
  3. With the crushed Oreos in a mixing bowl, pour in the butter and stir until coming together. Grease and line a springform tin, and then pour in the mixture. Spend quite a bit of time pressing the mixture together. You want quite a sturdy base so compact it neatly. At this point, judge whether you want a bigger base or not. Put in fridge/freezer depending on your time.
  4. In a food processor, blend the banana(s) with the Baileys until it becomes a thick, sticky, porridge-like substance.
  5. Mix with the mascarpone in a mixing bowl. At this point, add in the final element of your topping. I used single cream, which I whipped quite vigorously until it held together, then folded it into the banana and mascarpone mix. For alternatives, see below.
  6. For the butterscotch sauce, melt the butter, cinnamon and sugar over a medium heat. When dissolved, pour in the double cream and stir until combined. You want the sauce to be thin, but still be like a golden caramel colour and thicker than cream. Pour aside and allow to cool.
  7. Mix the butterscotch into the topping mixture, simply stir throughout, keeping some marbling if you want, if not, combine well. Spread on top of hardened, cold base and smooth the top. Refrigerate overnight.


A little crushed oreo on the top would be delicious. Curls of dark chocolate would also be lovely, giving the entire cheesecake almost an Oreo look, with two dark layers hugging a white, creamy layer in between. Another gorgeous serving suggestion would be making more butterscotch sauce then needed. With the leftover sauce, heat until thickened and pour over the cold cake when serving.

Try it yourself

I wasn’t completely happy with the texture of my filling, as I used equal parts mascarpone and single cream. It kept its shape, but I do prefer a more dense cheesecake, so if you feel similarly, substitute the 250ml single cream for 250g of plain cream cheese. If you want butterscotch chunks, adjust the way you make the butterscotch. This is the first time i’ve ever made it from scratch, so I will play around with it and update this recipe.


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