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Russian Salad

Adapated from Monica Loughnan’s recipe from Four Live on RTÉ.

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Easy Autumnal stuffed mushrooms

This recipe comes from the most recent Sunday Times Style magazine, though i’ve adapted it a little bit! Stuffed mushrooms are packed full of flavour. I’ve used large organic mushrooms, as opposed to Portobello mushrooms (which the recipe dicatates to use). You can use either, the smaller ones are great for finger food as they seem quite large when you buy them raw but once in the oven they tend to shrink quite a bit. The Portobello mushrooms are great as a side or spruced up as the centrepiece of a main course.

I love how the parsley is such a big part of this recipe, not only for the fact I got to use my new mezzaluna but because the parsley has so much more flavour and bite than breadcrumbs has. Many stuffed vegetable recipes come loaded with starchy, stodgy breadcrumbs whereas this is mildly bloat-inducing and very fresh tasting.

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