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Heartwarming Winter fruit crumble

This crumble is both easy and deliciously satisfying! I made it one night, feeling the need for a bit of sugar and comfort, as the nights were growing cold. I had a few berries and some other fruit in the fridge and just wanted something comforting, unctuous and a little bit self-indulgent.

Normally, a recipe like this would call for mini ramekins so you can serve them singularly, per person. However, I chose to do it in two slightly larger baking dishes. Each dish would probably serve three, or one on a lonely Winter night.

The best thing about it is how quick it is. Bung everything into a saucepan, open up some nice, tasty, organic muesli and reap the rewards! The muesli is also much better than just standard oat and sugar crumble, it has a much more varied texture and has little bits of other fruits and raisins on top as well.

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